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Me on Weekends 🙂

My hobby is riding a my motorcycle. I ride a dark orange Kawasaki W800. The engine is very powerful.
It is not a fashionable racing motorcycle,; it is an old styled nostalgic one. I think that my favorite uncle had a similar one when I was a child.

When I first saw the Kawasaki W800 in a motorcycle shop 6 six months ago, I fell in love with her. I felt that she was saying, “Get me, please.”. Please But Unfortunately, the price was over my budget. So, I decided to save money to get her. Finally she became mine last month.

I ride her everyday to commute. I live in Yokohama and my work place is in Tokyo. It takes about 45 minutes by using the Daisan-Keihin h Highway called Daisan-Keihin.

The faster I run ride, the more strongly the wind pushes against my body. One On the highway, It is fun though, but it is not easy.

The best season for riding a motorcycle is spring. I can feel comfortable, warm wind against my face and enjoy the cherry blossoms beside the highway.

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